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AMMP - Addiction Medicine Mentorship Program 2022-23
This longitudinal, year-long program (June 2022-March 2023) will offer medical students (MS1-MS4) an opportunity to engage with experts in the field of addiction while working towards the completion of a research project.

This opportunity offers interested medical students an opportunity to engage with the clinical and academic aspects of addiction treatment and research. This program will provide the tools to treat patients with Substance Use Disorders in whichever field or specialty you ultimately pursue.
Student Mentors
William Bograkos, D.O.
Ralph Carbone, D.O.
Eric Hargis, D.O.
R. Gregory Lande, D.O.
David Leszkowitz, D.O.
Kristin Martin, D.O.
Michael Steelman, D.O.
Jan Widerman, D.O.
Andrew Williams, D.O.
Availability: On-Demand
Expires on Mar 31, 2023
Cost: FREE
Credit Offered:
No Credit Offered
Contains: 8 Courses
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