OMED 2021

OMED 2021 On-Demand Registration

OMED 2021 is available on-demand. Addiction Medicine includes 11 lectures:
  1. Medications for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) in Incarcerated Populations (1h, 02m)
  2. Structure and Function of  Drug Courts (1h, 04m)
  3. JAD: Selected Publications and Interactive Quiz (53:16)
  4. Substance Use Disorders in Health Care Professionals (58:48)
  5. Psychedelic Therapy: A Review of Evidence Based Treatment (45:42)
  6. Buprenorphine in Chronic Pain Management: Transforming One Life at a Time (1h, 04m)
  7. Buprenorphine Micro-Induction Protocol: Evidence-Based Review (55:17)
  8. Kratom Use Disorder: Considerations in the Primary Care Setting (44:49)
  9. Stimulant Use Disorder: An Overview of the Treatment Landscape (56:03)
  10. Practical Clinical Updates in Cannabis and Cannabis Derivatives: Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids, Delta 8, and Beyond (54:16)
  11. Body Fluid Toxicological Testing: Use and Limitations (53:26)

The AOA charges a registration fee. The fee varies based on the bundle you select.

OMED 2020

OMED 2020 On-Demand Registration

OMED 2020 ia available on-demand.  Addiction Medicine includes 17 lectures:
  1. Assessment and Management of Tobacco Use Disorders (43:25)
  2. Neurobiology of Addiction (43:34)
  3. 12-Step Program (46:35)
  4. Alcohol Use Problems: Recommendations for Medical Management (47:00)
  5. Co-occurring and Substance Use Disorders (49:12)
  6. Addiction Treatment in Rural Settings: Expanding Care via Telehealth (58:39)
  7. CBD and Medical Marijuana: Evidence-Based Indications (52:56)
  8. Methamphetamine: The Next Epidemic (46:41)
  9. A Modern and Rational Approach to Suicide Prevention: General Strategies and Special Populations (49:56)
  10. Journal of Addictive Diseases: Selected Publications (50:10)
  11. Physician Impairment (46:13)
  12. MOUD for Incarcerated Patients (46:57)
  13. Prescribing Naloxone to Patients for Overdose Reversal (1h, 02m)
  14. Complicated Comorbidities in Patients with Substance Use Disorders (1h, 33m)
  15. Emerging Substances of Abuse (42:54)
  16. Opioid Treatment Programs in the Era of COVID (56:52)
  17. Overview of Gambling Disorders and Other Related Disorders (50:11)

The AOA charges a registration fee. The fee varies based on the bundle you select.

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